Andreas Magdanz, bunker photographs
Photographs are windows to another reality. As long as there is no manipulation or conscious arrangement, they show what the photographer saw with own eyes. A reality others could have perceived, if they had been in the same place at the same time. - Similarly to when one encounters a good painting or sculpture, though, the observer will never be able to recreate the atmosphere the photographer experienced while absorbed in his work simply by looking at the photograph. The extent of the photograph’s authenticity, its degree of frozen reality is thus also a measure of the distance from the observer's imagination. The latter, however hard he may try, can never quite put himself in the photographer’s place.. [...]
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The Rose Garden
[...] Apollinaire 25 000 doors represent 25 000 opportunities of stepping across a threshold. If they remain closed, however, they have the capacity to represent a Kafkaesque world of visual and physical denial of access. Even one’s ability to visualise goes into denial when confronted with 25000 doors. [...]
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the photographs